Friday, March 30, 2012

Intense times

I have not written much lately. Probably because of my current workload. Nursing degrees are intense. Different to theology (not that theology was easy ), however, with nursing it seems even more intense in many ways. The two should be the same. Both disciplines should point to the caring of others. Both should be focused on the well being of others. And both, therefore, should be a reflection of Jesus Christ. Sadly it is not the case. I sense with  theology it is often a means of attaining power (academic,  egotistic or selfish ambition).

Our Lord discovered this as the case many times. And so  undertaking nursing, after theology, the sense of responsibility of people's very lives is stark.

Nursing (at least) is less about selfish ambition. Nurses wipe backsides and clean up vomit.

This week the Lord placed my testimony on Vision Radio (by their own reckoning up to a million listeners nationally).

It is all a great honour and one where you really want to see God lifted (not yourself). You get persecuted of course. People get jealous. That is human sinful nature and goes with the territory. It thickens the skin. We are told how nurses need the thick skin. To be honest my respect for what they do is now far surpassing any others (including Pastors). I like people that get their hands dirty (with blood, urine, vomit etc). Just as Jesus did. Touching lepers, hanging around with sinners (who were getting drunk), washing dirty feet, helping people with internal bleeding or feeding the hungry. Sounds a lot like nursing to me.

Hopefully a few other 'Pastors' catch on

God Bless

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  1. Nice work Jack,your real do'er of the word, A front line solider! that's what i like about you. love the blood,urine vomit bit.. :-)
    I'm glad that you got the radio interview, I'm sure God had his hand in it.