Friday, March 30, 2012

Intense times

I have not written much lately. Probably because of my current workload. Nursing degrees are intense. Different to theology (not that theology was easy ), however, with nursing it seems even more intense in many ways. The two should be the same. Both disciplines should point to the caring of others. Both should be focused on the well being of others. And both, therefore, should be a reflection of Jesus Christ. Sadly it is not the case. I sense with  theology it is often a means of attaining power (academic,  egotistic or selfish ambition).

Our Lord discovered this as the case many times. And so  undertaking nursing, after theology, the sense of responsibility of people's very lives is stark.

Nursing (at least) is less about selfish ambition. Nurses wipe backsides and clean up vomit.

This week the Lord placed my testimony on Vision Radio (by their own reckoning up to a million listeners nationally).

It is all a great honour and one where you really want to see God lifted (not yourself). You get persecuted of course. People get jealous. That is human sinful nature and goes with the territory. It thickens the skin. We are told how nurses need the thick skin. To be honest my respect for what they do is now far surpassing any others (including Pastors). I like people that get their hands dirty (with blood, urine, vomit etc). Just as Jesus did. Touching lepers, hanging around with sinners (who were getting drunk), washing dirty feet, helping people with internal bleeding or feeding the hungry. Sounds a lot like nursing to me.

Hopefully a few other 'Pastors' catch on

God Bless

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Spirit strong - Flesh Weak

Over the last year I have been working on a large Christian website. Myself and another man visited many churches and people, introducing the website prior to its launch. We saw God open doors in many ways. As we went from one person to the next the 'network' expanded.

The Internet is after all.. a web. A net. Using it to catch fish is certainly an option.We prayed sincerely for God to use it to save people.
This week it is live and I am totally run down. Even caught a cold. God's way of telling me slow down. During the week was a visit to Thornlie Christian College sharing testimony to the whole assembly. As well as launching the site and continuing with a full time degree in nursing (intense by itself). By week's end I was almost burnt out after a night on Street Chaplains.

 We can not keep up with God's Spirit. Our flesh just isn't strong enough. Even living a healthy lifestyle; not smoking,  drinking or eating junk food. Consuming five vegetables a day, brown rice and lean protein, washed down with litres of water. No processed sugar.  With all of this, plus lots of excercise, keeping up with God is impossible.

This week I learnt that in trusting my flesh we fool ourselves. I have been taking vitamin C daily and eating lots of garlic. Fresh Garlic placed in water and downed in one. It's incredible for the immune system. One week ago I confidently (and foolishly) stated ,"I'll never get a cold". And yet here I sit sniffling, sneezing and coughing.

God is talking to me through this. What is the lesson? The flesh is weak but the SPIRIT is strong. In trying to keep up with God we reach our limits. We simply burn out. My healthy fit body let me know - "Enough - I cant keep this up!"
Imagine God's energy? Limitless, and without limiting flesh to slow Him down either.

Its time to rest. To rest at Jesus' feet with Mary (rather than rushing about like Martha). To let the burden be light and the yoke easy. In rest we recharge and let God comfort us. Jesus as we know often spent days and nights alone resting in prayer with God. He got away from all the pressure. He didn't go on water skiing holidays or camping with the kids and call that time with God. Nor did he travel to some exotic island to bask on the beach (and try to kid himself this was a spirtual retreat). No, he went into the wilderness or up big hills. He sat. He prayed. He connected to God spirtually. In doing that - God recharged Him whilst His physical body rested.

Time to pray ...and rest in God

God Bless

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Amazing Provision

A while back I wrote how I was now totally reliant on God. Had given all my personal funds away and prayfully sought God's provision for ministry needs and nursing degree. God has shown His provision to the point of having me in tears.

First - My new landlord. No sooner had I moved in than he asked me if I wanted some part time work? I said sure (suppressing a smile as I knew God was working through this man). Already I have done about $600 in manual labour (which I enjoyed). He has kindly taken it off my rent. I land an inner city studio apartment right beside the school of nursing and it comes with a part time job? Sometimes I want to scream "THERE IS A GOD - WAKE UP EVERYONE"

Next - I had submitted an advert on gumtree (a local selling website). My advert stated I would teach people web and graphic design. I didn't really hear much at first. However, the moment I became reliant on God the emails flooded in. One particular nice young lady wants me to come every week for 6 months! This in itself has provided all my food needs.

I then received requests for websites. These seem to come at just the right timing to pay for tuition, books and training courses. (Buying a stethoscope soon - very excited about that actually). In addition Street Chaplains kindly payed for renewel of First Aid certificate (this coming at the exact time it was required for nursing!).

However tonight was the icing on the cake. I had gone to a local church and decided to put a fair amount of money (almost all I had left) into the tithe box. As I did so I felt great joy. Excitement even. The Scripture "God loves a cheerful giver" (2 Corinthians 9:7) immediately came to mind. When I returned home my mother rang me. My study allowance had just been reviewed and increased by an extra $50 a week! I choked down a tear. I had just placed $50 in the tithe box. God had returned it with $50 a week for the next three years!

If only more people would truly let go of what they have and follow (just as Jesus says too) they would experience God and His provision so much more. It is exciting and challenging. I recommend it to all. Give your money to the poor and follow him. When you do you will find - you cant out give God.