Wednesday, February 15, 2012

A New Direction

I've moved.

All the way to Fremantle. A port town of my state. I am now doing a degree in nursing. I look forward to it immensely. Learn how to care for people. Fitting for someone that is to run a rehab centre. I prayed to live near the university. I then received a studio apartment across the road from the school of nursing. If that doesn't show God's grace and provision I don't know what does. There isn't even any other apartment on the street. Only the one I am in.

Lectures are 15 metres away. I don't have words to express my thanks to God. Soon Street Chaplains begins in Fremantle also. Thus a new beat and brand new region. I must be what we called in the army the 'advance party'. Meaning the first soldiers to enter an area and do reconnaissance and set things up.

I walk around praying in every corner of this town. Internally of course. Just in case you though i walk around praying out loud. Fremantle is an exciting place and each night I like to go for a walk out to the Light House. Sea air and ocean waves. It is a blessing.

Tonight I said to God lets go out to the light house. Just the two of us. As I stepped out I said to God I totally belong to you. No one has any hold over me but you. I have no girlfriend or wife. Have given away friends, not even my mother comes first. Devoted to God. Its called being in love.

As I walked out to the light house I witnessed the most beautiful Sky. A spiritual joy came over me and I could really feel God near. He was putting on a show.

I took a little picture, it doesn't do it justice, nor does it capture the spiritual sensations I was feeling, but hopefully it helps you understand how beautiful God truly is. Art points to an Artist.

God Bless

Red Sky at night - Sheppard's Delight