Sunday, June 17, 2012

Building Relationships

Our prayers recently as Street Chaplains have been to build relationship with the Police, especially in Fremantle where we are a new entity. The last few nights God orchestrated events amazingly to answer that very prayer. On Friday night we met outside Fremantle Police station, prayed, said our hellos and headed out. Again praying that the Street Chaplains would be seen by Police helping others.

Within one hour we came across a young woman laying on the concrete, she had been assaulted by another woman who was screaming abuse. Immediately we prayed for peace. The abusive assaulter left instantly. As we approached the woman on the ground I sat alongside her and asked the person already there if she was medically trained. She said no. Thankfully she got out of the way. The young woman had fell on the hard concrete - striking the ground with the back of her skull. The Occipital bone if you want to be precise. There was no blood but she was in pain. As I kept my hand on her the other Chaplain draped his jacket over her skirted bottom half. She was now laying on the ground with the words STREET CHAPLAIN covering her. Another Chaplain used his coat as a pillow. Many onlookers were watching. As I looked up I noticed so were the Police. All this was happening directly under one of the Police Cameras. Literally right under it! God was advertising His Chaplains to everyone in that camera room.

Police arrived, Detectives. They called the Ambulance and we explained part of what had transpired. More networking. Soon the Ambulance crew. Street Chaplains, Police and Ambulance. All interacting in full view of the crowd and the camera. At one point an annoying onlooker came over and tried to "help" - they were not helping. I asked them to move on, immediately the detective came to my aid and ushered the person away. Literally commanding them to step back. I silently thanked God.

We (Ambulance Officers and Chaplains) tried to move the yong lady on the ground and she screamed in pain. The injury seemed serious. I prayed that God would numb the pain. Within three minutes a second Ambulance crew appeared. The gave her an inhalant to numb the pain. I sat watching realising God was answering the prayer, not supernaturally as i had expected, but rather through the man made medicine. It served the purpose her pain numbed. It was surreal to perceive God at work. We moved on and said our goodbye to the Police who thanked us.

The following night out on the street again we prayed God would continue to build relationship with Police. Walking into a Cafe for an early on coffee who should be standing in the cafe? The Police detective. I knew it was God at work. This was not coincidence. He said hello and stated how they were just talking about the incident with the girl! Providence. God made a Chaplain walk in to this exact coffee shop at the just the right timing as the same detective 'just happened' to be talking about one particular incident of his previous night. Do the math. Impossibility made possible by the God of Impossible. Relationships continue to build - prayer answered.

Be encouraged God is real - seek Him. If you do, you see Him.