Monday, May 2, 2011

Perfect Direction

The last few days seem to have been spliced together in an editor's production room. An unfolding script, orchestrated by God, to produce a harvest. I publish this blog post smiling, still basking in the afterglow which I hope to share.

Some friends had come to see me and handed me a video, a contemporary rap message of the gospel. It was well executed, modern and cross culturally perfect for a younger post modern audience. Its arrival was timely, that week I was to share my testimony at a teenage concert of over a hundred people. Another friend had invited me to speak there, and somehow I knew people were going to be saved. It never ceases to amaze me how the Lord directs us, even when we don't know He is doing such. Part of that is making yourself totally available to His will, rather than one's own.

I wanted Souls.

I wanted to see people saved. I showed the rap message to the concert organiser. He was instantly thankful, for he knew it was an answer to prayer. He had asked God how he could move from a concert setting into a Christian testimony seamlessly without distracting from the flow. The audience was primarlily15-18+ and so attention span was limited. The arrival of the video was profound. We both sensed God's hand in it.

I sat and watched it over and over. I then thought, I need to show some pictures to support my own testimony. Photographs that would be inspirational and add impact to the verbal account. I gathered some old shots of me in Cambodia as soldier, parachuting in the special forces, the fast cars and girls, the travel and the drugs. I then designed a display theme similar to the video. Again creating a seamless flow. By the end of the week I was excited. I truly believed people were going to be saved.

I needed Bibles..

I went to the local Christian bookstore to buy 20 Bibles. When I arrived they were having a 20% storewide sale. Another God sign. I purchased the Bibles and thanked God for the discount. The concert was the following day.

I had forgotten to arrange a projector. A friend sent me a text and stated I have a projector for you. I hadn't even asked him. I left for the concert without a projector screen. I asked God to provide one. When I arrived another friend said you will need a projector screen. I said "yes I do". We jumped in a car went to another Christians house who produced a brand new projection screen. It was still in its box! I thanked God again, I was really getting excited by this point.

People started to arrive and the hall filled out. Some other Christians arrived and said they were doing a drama. The 'everything' drama. I knew it well, it is my life! God was directing everything in perfect unison. From the Video, to the drama to my testimony, the Bibles, I was somehow managing to keep up with God's presence as He weaved everything together.
The crowd was noisy, I started to worry they wouldn't pay attention. Negative thoughts were pounding me. No one will give their life to Jesus, You are going to look like a fool if you ask. At that point I knew it was Satan. I wanted someone to pray for me. Ten minutes later a trusted friend appeared from Bible college. I didn't know he was coming. I smiled walked up to him and said pray for me I am giving my testimony and I am to ask for people to be saved. He prayed earnestly.

The drama captured the young audience. It told of how we run after false things and get detached from God, to the point of suicidal thoughts -  again a mirror of my actual pre conversion life. The video was then displayed. Powerful speakers projected the message and the young audience connected with the genre the Gospel was portrayed in. My Testimony was next. When the presentation concluded all were clapping as I stepped onto the stage. By this point you can only trust God and let go, fear is no longer an option.

You hardly remember what is said. By the end I was standing on the stage and asking people to raise their hands and give their lives to Jesus. At which point they would be given one of the Bibles (holding the box aloft). Nobody. Not one hand. I was not giving up. I asked again. My heart pleading. Nobody. Then, slowly, in the front row, a young man of about 17 raised his hand. Joy burst into me. I praised God and jumped down to hand him a Bible. Then the next hand, and another, another, a group of young girls, an older lady, another young man! By the end 19 Bibles were given and all the new converts were called into a back room where we prayed together, beaming smiles all round.

Only 19 of the Bibles were taken of the twenty. Why? Because I left one at home! I only had 19 out of the twenty with me. Which was the precise number required. Perfect Direction.


  1. It is really amazing events you experienced! a miracle by a miracle. I can see God led you step by step to complete the mission. TKS God because of His mercy and great love! And also thanks you, my brother in Jesus for sharing this so powerful testimony!

  2. Thank you Jian, your words are encouraging.

    God Bless

  3. A really perfect God. His ways are awesome. God use you even more! For His glory..

  4. Hey Jack, you're a talented writer, keep it up.

    May the Lord bless you, & keep you, & make his face to shine upon you, & give you peace.


  5. Thanks Al, thats really nice of you to say so - God Bless you