Thursday, February 24, 2011

7777 - Quadruple Blessing

The number seven is a significant number throughout the Bible. 7 days of creation, the 7 miracles of Jesus in the book of John, the 7 churches of Revelation. etc. I often look for the number in seeking signs from God. I certainly avoid 666!

Today on the way to submitting my long overdue tax return I saw a car drive past with 7777 on its number plate and immediately my mind thought 'quadruple blessing'. My tax return included the submission of some land I had sold a few years earlier and I potentially owed a significant amount in capital gains tax. I was slightly worried. I had prayed to the Lord that if I only owed $20,000 dollars I would give $20,000 to charity. Not that one should make bargains with God, however it was my request all the same. And I felt reasonable in asking such, especially as I wanted the funds to go to Christian ministries in need. As I drove there I knew a few friends were praying for me and then the car drove past with the number...

On ending the meeting the tax return came to $21,000 owing (3x7), I felt the blessing immediately and thanked the Lord and took the opportunity to witness such to the accountant. Who smiled and said 'well there you go'.

On return home I received a letter from State Revenue stating that the stamp duty on Harvest of Hope's land had been wavered. A saving of $12,000 dollars. Second blessing. I was overwhelmed. I then received an email from a Pastor I had met; inviting me to come and speak to his Church about Harvest of Hope. Third Blessing. I was starting to catch on! And thanked the Lord in prayer.

Finally my submission for Masters Degree Thesis was accepted - 20,000 words on addictions, Idolatry and the first and second commandment of Love God and others. A true blessing to the ministry. Forth Blessing.

To Christ be all the Glory.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

1 Million Dollars

Whilst visiting Pastors right across WA, God's hand is often seen and His voice heard. The other day I talked with a Pastor in Port Kennedy. He gave me a one million dollar note (which was actually a Bible tract). I thanked him and told him I had prayed to God asking for funds for the ministry that day. Later in the afternoon I visited Riverton Baptist church. I gave my testimony which included my time as a soldier and world gallivanting business executive (my pre-conversion 'jack the lad' lifestyle). On leaving one of the Elders called out "What is it like to have a million dollar life Jack?".

I was amazed, he obviously didn't know I had a million dollar Bible tract in my wallet, but God did. Then the Pastor turned and handed me a $50 donation for the ministry. God had answered the prayer for funds, reassured that He would provide for Harvest of Hope's mission and He had spoken through an elder with a knowing smile. The personality and presence of the Lord is there with us, If only ears and eyes would see, turn, repent and He would heal them.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Feeding the Hungry

As Street Chaplains, staff of Harvest of Hope see God's hand powerfully on the late and early morning streets of Northbridge (Perth's entertainment district). Last night was no exception. The night was full of incidents pointing to God's love and providence. Helping a woman who had drug overdosed and providing a pillow for her head and a soft hand to stroke her hair as she violently vomited. Restraining fighting Aboriginal girls 'hell-bent' on hurting each other. Or giving out water and food to the homeless. The night was a constant movement in God's direction to those in need. At the beginning of the night Raymond had taken some food for the homeless. The food ran out within the first hour.

However, on venturing to the Christian Cafe - the Overflow - we were donated six gourmet sandwiches just as the Cafe closed. We knew instantly this was God's provision and an answer to prayer. Within two hours each sandwich had been given to the most needy. Old and homeless men who appreciated the food. Jesus is still feeding the hungry, you only need pray then open your eyes.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Add to your faith Goodness and Knowledge

God is Awesome. Today our Program Director Mr Raymond Neo was accepted by Sydney School of Divinty for his MA Honors. This was an amazing answer to prayer for Raymond had originally applied for the MA and was unsure of being accepted for this. The normal path to Honors taking a full 3 years and costing a considerable amount of money. By faith Raymond had donated over $10,000 to the Harvest of Hope charity towards the building of the rehab centre.  Two days later Raymond's application was converted to acceptance at Honors level saving one year of study and.. over ten thousand dollars in fees. You can never outgive God and he honors those that honor him!

Monday, February 7, 2011

Praise God for Builders!

We have been praying for a Builder to volunteer to build the first Rehab centre. Last week a young Christian Bricklayer received his long awaited building license directly after giving four bibles to his workmen. He then volunteered to build Harvest of Hope and oversee its constuction free of charge for the glory of Jesus. Thank you Our Lord for your answer to prayer. "Ask and you shall recieve".

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Welcome to Our Blog

Welcome to Harvest of Hope's Blog space! Here we will publish each time God does a sign, miracle or moves specifically to show His hand in the ministry. So expect to see a LOT of blogging!

The ministry has been three years in the planning and has seen so many miracles that its hard to keep track. Starting from the seed planted of build a rehab centre and call it Harvest of Hope, to a voyage on the Dolous to connecting with House of Hope (Providence) and then become partners in ministry after a missionary trip.
Now we have Harvest of Hope in Cambodia with another ministry called Fellowship of Hope (more Providence). God is guiding us and teaching us to rely on Him and proclaim His hand on this ministry to the broken and poor. So come back often and read the next answer to prayer. And be amazed by the Living God who shows His hand in Christ - Immanuel -  God with Us.