Friday, August 24, 2012


It is amazing how God encourages us. For the past five or so days I have had a continuing feeling or thought ..."write in your blog" I had dimissed it on the grounds of...not many read it, busy with busy with Nursing degree (just finished five weeks practical in Aged Care centre) now into semester 2 mid exams, busy with Street Chaplains Freo.  "write in your blog"  The thought would not go away.

Today as I stood in Fremantle deciding where to go for a coffee (many choices in Freo - the natural selection is always Ginos ) I heard someone yell out  - "Jack!".

An old army friend called me over, he is now a Paramedic and I was really happy to see him. We sat chatting and then he told me..."You have not written in your blog for two months, I have been reading it" - you could have bowled me over with a feather. I did not expect this man to be reading my blog to be honest. So there was encouragement from where I least expected it and the voice saying write in your blog? - God.

So Im back! And what a rush the last ten weeks have been!  Sadly I cant write about my nursing practice. We are simply not allowed to,  ethically and professionally it is a no no. What I will say was it was humbling, enlightening, spirtual, tearful, joyful and I am thankful God leads this Pastor come missionary to learn nursing.

We ALL have NOTHING to complain about. And if you think you do then come chat to me, I promise to cut you to ribbons with stories of real suffering. When we get over 85 etc. Christian or not. All will suffer. All will learn that God is against the proud and that suffering teaches hard learnt lessons for pride filled humans. Sometimes God just bides His time. He certainly knows exactly what He is doing. From your Osteoblasts (clever little cells that create your very bones), to galaxies, God knows exactly what he is doing. Sadly many humans actually profess those Osteoblasts  or galaxies simply created themselves.About the equivalent of saying a hurricane went through a junk yard and created the latest Ferrari by chance. It just does not happen like that. If it did we would have a lot of hurricane chasers - looking to score a free Ferrari. Design = Intelligence. Intelligence = existance.

I grew a lot as a human being the last few weeks, learning some intense lessons from God about true servant hood. Most people do not really know what nurses do to be honest. It is another world.

Freo Street Chaplains continues to expand. We are now accepted by the council and the police, invited to meetings with both, sponsored by JusBurgers Freo and being prayed for every Friday night by a local church! God is moving powerfully in many ways. We ahve grown to over eighty chaplains now. -

The other night standing outside a nightclub a young man (surfy looking) came up to us. He was crying and clutching his chest. He sputtered out that security had assaulted him. Immediately we sat him down on a nearby bench and I checked his chest for anything broken. Thankfully he was a toned little guy and seemed to have absorbed the blows. Though he was in shock, full of fear and tearful. Who did God lead him to?

Two Street Chaplains.

Even while we helped him some girl came over and abused him. I sensed the devil (yes evil exists) taunting him. The girl did not even know him. She just walked over said something nasty and walked off. You see the best and worse of people as a Street Chaplain.

We walked him home, he was glad of the protection. Four men where also walking home at the same time (3am). Heavily tattooed and muscled, I knew on his own this young guy would have been canon fodder for them. Especially down a dark lit street with nobody around. One said something to the young guy and he swore back at them. I turned to him and said 'dont provoke them' The men did not even turn around, God's protection around the Chaplains for certain (I sensed it powerfully to behonest). However, the kid on his own would have been hammered.

He thanked us as we saw him home.

After ward you contemplate it all. Acts of kindness verses acts of contempt and violence. Often the two exist side by side. God and the Devil. Evil and Good. Light and Dark.

Thankfully Light has conquered, most just do not know it - Yet

God Bless.