Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Jesus Loves you

Last night I prayed, I always pray between half an hour to 2hrs every day. That took 6 years of spiritual disciplines to get there. Now its part of life. In my prayer I told God I loved him. How I miss him.

Anyway I asked God if He loved me. (I know He does) I just wanted to hear it. I tell God I love Him all the time. I can safely say I’m into God. Editor of http://www.thechristiannetwork.com, A Street Chaplain, Trainee Male Nurse (as part of missionary training), Pastor (even got the theology degrees) and run http://www.harvestofhope.com.au All of which, of course, isnt enough :-)

So amongst all that and planning to head off on mission to Africa (India was 6 months ago) I ask God do you love me. Because I want to hear it. I even said - well everyone wants to hear it. Women want to hear it from their husbands, Kids from their Parents. Lovers from each other. I suppose even dogs like the odd cuddle and told I luv you rover..

So I want to hear it....

Nothing, no reply, hello darkness my old friend (due to my eyes being closed, something I tend to do when praying, call me old fashioned)

Oh well I know you love me.

The following day walking around the University Campus I happened to be looking down. I live on campus in a one bedroom studio flat that God gave me right across the road from the School of nursing. Much to the annoyance of most fellow nurses (there isn’t any flats around) And no one believes me (of course) when I say God gave me it. After people ask how did you get that place?! I might aswell say from an alien.

Anyway, looking down as I walked, in an area I’m very accustomed to, I noticed a small section of concrete near a road drain had some words edged into the stone work. They dated back to when the concrete was first set so they were not recent as it was not new work. I’m also not one to look down much. Joy of the SPirit, Missionary purpose in heart, clouds giving messages. No point looking down I’m not depressed. Thus it was by chance (which I dont believe in, more a providence type of man myself) that I noticed these words I had never seen before. After living next to them (the road drain was only 5 metres from my front door) for over two years.

The words?

Jesus Loves you

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