Tuesday, December 18, 2012

A gentle hand calms the storm

It has been awhile between posts. Nursing has taken all of my time. A stint completed at Hospital re-affirmed my calling to this noble and compassionate vocation. Nursing teaches servitude. I have enjoyed and been challenged by it. After completing my practicals I was looking forward to getting back into Street Chaplaincy. Last weekend I worked both nights.

On the Friday Night myself and another chaplain had prayed at my home before heading out into the streets. Around the corner from where I live there is a pub that is fairly lively but rarely has any trouble. Tonight was different. No sooner had we finished praying than we were standing outside this hotel in the midst of a potential brawl.

A highly volatile young man was taunting and threatening another group (he also had the backup of many friends in the pub). The atmosphere was tense as curses were let loose. Myself and the other chaplain stood amongst it all, praying for peace. There was only three bouncers. If a brawl started they were greatly outnumbered. Instantly they appreciated the two of us being there. In our purple shirts we were mistaken as additional staff. Now the numbers had bolstered to five.

God's timing is perfect. As usual right place, right time.

As  I watched the bouncers try to calm the crowd, I noticed that two of them had completely opposite personalities and demeanor. One was losing his patience and at one point yelled at a client. His antics seemed almost immature. The other, however, seemed more like a Street Chaplain to me than a bouncer. He was calm, gentle, even smiling as he gently touched people ushering them one way or the other. His voice was soft and he matched it was a big smile. I liked him. I said to the Lord "this guy is good".

He was a Tongan, a large lad by anyone's standards, yet gentle with his power. He turned to the two of us and said "How you going fellas, I am a Christian. I go to so and so church"

The bouncer I admired was a true believer and it showed in his actions as much as his words. A glow came over me. He was happy to see us.He thanked us and asked about Street Chaplains. The Lord connected us to yet another organisation and believer within it. Networking. Christian Networking.

The following night I took two of the chaplains down to this pub to meet our new friend. He was encouraged again to see us. It also happened that it was two strapping male chaplains that was on that night. Thus four men of God shook hands. Gentle Men. Gentle Men that calm storms.

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